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Inclusive Leadership Workshop

Join executive leadership facilitator, Kara Sammet, for this powerful, interactive event

December 4, 2018 – 9:00am-4pm PST

Discover how to lead from your values and link inclusion to your company growth strategy

Think like a CEO

Discover how successful leaders harness the values of diversity & inclusion as a strategic tool that contributes to organizational success.

Articulate your Values

 Dig deep, find clarity and build alignment between your personal and company values.  

Create a Values Statement

Design an inclusive Company Values Statement that provides a robust execution path for difficult decision-making, stakeholder communications, and daily operations. 

Meet Your Instructor

Kara Sammet, PhD

Dr. Sammet has contributed to diversity and inclusion initiatives sponsored by Google, Chevron, and Cisco, and has facilitated leadership courses for UC Berkeley's Haas EWMBA program and Executive Education at Extension. As a Product Manager and Assistant Director at a UC Berkeley research center, she helped scale SaaS applications as they transitioned from a free to a paid subscription model. Dr. Sammet received her PhD from UC Berkeley in Social & Cultural Studies with an emphasis on metrics and gender.

What is Inclusive Leadership? 

Why do I need this course now? 

Every company's Founder is also its Chief Inclusion Officer. 

You are not just building your first product, you are creating your company's culture.

Planning for inclusion from the beginning increases the likelihood of your organization's long-term success. 

The Inclusive Leadership Workshop is for Founders who want to:

  • Articulate and lead from your values (Strategy)
  • Hire, retain, and advance the best and most diverse talent (HR)
  • Manage diverse teams (R&D)
  • Provide tools and decision-making support for employees to put values into action with teams, clients, and customers on a daily basis (Operations)
  • Build inclusive, engaging work cultures where employees feel an authentic sense of belonging (HR)
  • Limit reputation-damaging press coverage (PR)
  • Mitigate unnecessary culture risks and reduce the potential for fines, lawsuits, and criminal charges (Legal/Finance)
  • Develop brand ambassadors with employees and customers (Marketing)  

December 4, 2018 – 9:00am-4pm PST



“We partnered with Kara to help prepare over a hundred women at Cisco for a program that enables them to shadow executives from another function within the company. The feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive, with some saying that even if they were not selected to participate in the actual shadow program, just having attended Kara’s workshop was worth it because they walked away with actionable tips and the right mindset. Kara was able to adeptly connect industry trends, academic research, Cisco-specific information, and the personal situations or needs of our participants. This was important in helping people draw the connections between what’s happening at the macro level and what they then need to make happen for themselves.”  

Nenuca Syquia, MBA Executive Shadow Team Co-Lead, People Planning, Design & A&alytics Cisco  

“Kara is an expert on diversity and inclusion and she helped push us to design programs that would have high impact and would be realistic to implement. Most importantly, she is incredibly warm, supportive, collaborative, and responsive.”  

Callista Chen, MBA Pacific Northwest Executive Director Techbridge Girls  

“Kara has been great to work with on several projects. She brings critical insights from her strong measurement background and her impactful work with leading equity-focused organizations.”  

Jason Ravitz, PhD Senior Program Manager Google  

"Kara is incredible. She created a space where students in my MBA class could openly explore powerful topics like pivoting gender norms and pushing for gender expansion. This is not easy, yet Kara gracefully facilitated difficult conversations, exuding genuine warmth and sensitivity."  

Rebecca Portnoy, PhD Visiting Assistant Professor Lorry I. Lokey School of Business & Public Pol&cy, Mills College  

"I was extremely fortunate to have Kara’s assistance in the development and delivery of my online Evening-Weekend MBA leadership course at the Haas School of Business. Using her knowledge of learning styles and her creative mind, Kara was able to offer countless suggestions that significantly improved the online experience for students."

Frank Schultz, PhD, MBA Distinguished Teaching Fellow - Strategic Management and Leadership Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley  

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